Purchasing Prints


I take great pride in the prints I ship, and every print is personally inspected by me before it is sent out. I realize purchasing one of my prints is a substantial investment. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied and absolutely delighted with your purchase, I give a “no questions asked” full refund, credit or exchange within 30 days of your purchase after you return your photograph in like-new condition. In addition to this, I give a lifetime, fade-free warranty to the original owner of the print. If your print fades I will replace it, no questions asked.

An investment:

The print you are purchasing is an investment and represents a unique style of photography — please see Artist’s Statement and points below. Keep in mind that my print prices have periodically increased over the years and will continue to do so in the future. As a result, the value of your investment will also go up. I will honor the pricing structure you see on this page, but I reserve the right to increase prices at any time.

Why owning my prints is a sound investment:

  1. Widely published and well known landscape/nature photographer with thousands of published images, 6 books and 24 sole photographer calendars.
  2. Several images have won prestigious national and international Awards.
  3. Proven track record with hundreds of print sales.
  4. Print value will increase with time.

What makes my photography stand out:

  1. Photographed with a keen eye for composition and color developed over 25+ years.
  2. Artistically post-processed to take an image beyond the literal interpretation of a scene.
  3. Taken with unique lighting and/or weather conditions creating an image you will want to look at for years.
  4. Mostly shot on larger format cameras for unsurpassed sharpness, detail, and color.

Print sizes:

Below is a table of some common print sizes with prices. The dimensions of these prints may vary slightly depending upon the cropping used to best utilize a particular camera format. Other sizes are available upon request. I have printed up to 8 feet. Should you have a need, I will work with you to size an image to your exact specifications. All prints are made on a Chromira or Epson printer using the finest archival inks and matt papers available. Most of my images were created on larger format film cameras or very high resolution digital cameras. The results are prints with exceptional richness and clarity. If for any reason I feel the print size of your order exceeds the capabilities of the file size I have, I will inform you. This should only occur on extremely large prints with only a few images on my website. Images with a “DL” or “L” designation at the end of the file name, such as M02666DL-2, are ultra high resolution files. They were created with techniques and equipment that allow enlargements beyond 60” while retaining outstanding sharpness and detail. See explanation of all file sizes - File Names and Technical Information.

Print size                                               Retail Price           Wholesale      Just the file


11 x 14                                                           $350               $200               $170

16 x 20                                                           $530               $265               $225    

16 x 24                                                           $640               $320               $280

20 x 20                                                           $825               $412               $372

20 x 24                                                           $870               $435               $395

20 x 30                                                           $900               $450               $405

24 x 30                                                           $1000             $500               $450

24 x 36                                                           $1100             $550               $500

30 x 30                                                           $1160             $580               $530

28 x 36                                                           $1280             $640               $590

30 x 40                                                           $1400             $700               $640

30 x 45                                                           $1700             $850               $790

32 x 48                                                           $2000             $1000             $930

40 x 40                                                           $2070             $1035             $965

36 x 48                                                           $2200             $1100             $980

40 x 50                                                           $2560             $1280             $1100

40 x 60                                                           $3060             $1530             $1330

50 x 60                                                           $3800             $1900             $1700

Larger sizes will be bid upon request

*  Volume discounts available

* Dimensions of these prints may vary slightly depending upon the cropping used to best utilize a particular film format.

Ordering prints:

To order prints, it is recommended that you call (866-657-2717) or email to arrange the particulars of your order. I accept a check or Pay Pal. Send checks to the address below made out to Dennis Frates. Print prices do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs will be calculated at the time of your order based on your location and the speed at which you need it delivered. The print will be shipped insured and traceable in a very sturdy round tube.

Turn around time:

After I receive your payment, please allow 4-7 business days for your print to ship. I am very prompt with orders, but if we are gone on a photo expedition it could take longer. I have sold hundreds of prints to corporations, hospitals, and individuals, and have a proven track record of prompt deliveries.


I do not offer framing, mounting, or matting. These options greatly increase shipping costs to you. I cannot offer the full range of matts and framing that you can get from someone specializing in this. Therefore, I feel you would be more satisfied to work with a local frame shop.

Signed prints:

All prints are hand signed by me with an archival pen. I can sign inside the print area or in the white area outside the print, or both. You decide.

Certificate of Authenticity:

Each photograph is sent with a signed certificate of Authenticity that guarantees this is an original Dennis Frates fine art photograph.


I am extremely easy to work with and pride myself on being organized and very responsive to any request – please see Testimonials. It is my sincere desire to provide you with the highest quality product available, and I will only be satisfied when you are absolutely delighted with your print.